Same’s Roman nucleus

Rescue excavations conducted at the former Flamiatos plot, on the coastal Navarinou Street, at the site of Loutro, revealed part of the city-state’s coastal fortification wall, while building remains of the Roman period were found on either side of the wall, a representative example of Roman city architecture. Due to their immediate proximity to the port, building remains here related to the Roman city’s commercial centre. They are arranged into four at least building islets (blocks) and some of them are lined up on either side of alleys (narrow streets), one of which hosted a stoa. Rooms with pithoi were among the identifiable rooms of the buildings. Here, clay pithoi of large dimensions were found in situ.

The construction of buildings in front of the coastal wall, attested in other parts of the city too, shows that no kind of fortification was needed any more after the Roman conquest. The wall at that time functioned as a retaining wall and as one of the walls of the Roman buildings in front of it, facing the sea.