Same’s Port

Same’s port, located in a bay looking out directly to the Corithian Gulf, on a naturally strategic site, contributed since early on the city’s development into a rich and significant city of the island.

The Classical port

The city’s classical port is located at today’s Konstantatou square, as revealed by the discovery of a binding hole for ships in situ at the mooring station during the works for the “Drainage of dirty rainwater – Waste water treatment plant of Same, Cephalonia” project.

This site is probably related to a sunken swamp described by Partsch and to a small port located at the site where the swump had been buried with soil. This might be the one that the British colonel W. M. Leake saw in the city’s west edge in 1806.

The Roman port

At Roman times the city’s port was transported somewhat to the NW of the Classical port, close to Navarinou Str. Part of it has been traced in the sea, while opposite the port, at the site of Loutro, there were building complexes potentially related to commercial activities. Buildings used for industrial and commercial activities have also been investigated in the same area.