Panormos’ theatre structure

A small, stone-built theatre structure, consisting of an orchestra (performance area) and a koilon (watching place) orientated to the NW, as well as a projecting rectangular niche in the upper row of seats, was located in a small distance from the Panormos city agora.

The koilon (watching place) consists of four rows of seats. The lowest row, separated from the rest by a corridor, is furnished with seats with a stone back and a low step for spectators to place their feet on. Upper seats were accessed through stairs to the NE and possibly to the SW too.

Excavation evidence available today shows that the theatre structure was used until the 3rd century AD.

Given the as yet uncompleted excavation research, the monument’s small dimensions, its use as well as its location very close to the agora in between two burial monuments of the city’s, its use has not been clarified yet, and it is quite possible that the structure served various purposes at the same time.

The monument is preserved underground for protection purposes.