The multimedia applications
of Same’s Archaeological Collection

The exhibition’s educational role is enhanced by its multimedia applications:

Timelines record historical facts that affected Same’s and in general Cephalonia’s “course” in time, while also referring to facts-milestones for the history of Greece, so that visitors can understand the chronological context of the Collection’s finds.

The digital tour offers information on subject areas. Descriptions are supported by information on the use of objects as well on similar objects not included in the exhibition. Focus is placed on sections of special significance for Same. The section on “Residential remains” is enriched with information on Same’s mosaic floors and the way mosaic floors were constructed. The section on the “Glass world” presents two basic methods of glass-making supported at the same time by reconstructions, and the section on the “Roman Baths” is supported by three-dimensional reconstructions of the Panormos city baths, enriched with information on the function of baths.

Finally, the Collection’s digital knowledge game educates children and adults on the subjects of symposium, cooking and production at the Koulourata farmhouse in a pleasant, interactive way.

Photographs – Maps: Archive of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cephalonia and Ithaca

Applications development framework requirements – application scenarios development:

Grigoris Grigorakakis, Eleni Papafloratou, Melpomeni Andreatou

Texts: Melpomene Andreatou

3-D reconstruction of monuments: Konstantina Phasla

Applications and translation: Horizon